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Sunday, June 23, 2013

M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T. Catching Up With Mini Posts

My work schedule has changed and I have been very busy besides so I have lost a few days. Like more than a week. Summertime around here is pretty hectic and well… enough excuses. I made it almost halfway through the alphabet before I fell of the planet. Sue me.

M – M is for May.

May is my favorite month. The weather is usually looking up before it gets too hot. My birthday is in May. It marks the beginning of summer with the kids getting out towards the end of the month. May is also a polite way to ask for something “May I have another cookie?” and I really love manners. A family that is very dear to me also calls me May. When their oldest was tiny she had a rough time with Emilie and it would always come out like “Em-may” and from there on it has stuck, which I love. Melts my heart. So May is my name too. Mmm… May.

N – N is for Neighbors

We decided to build and then moved in about two years ago. In that time I have come across the finest group of people and feel very lucky to call them not just neighbors but friends. When they say “it takes a village” it is the truth, and we have a village. There is a close-ness that I don’t quite understand and hope stays for many many years to come. I consider myself lucky because we have found extended family where in truth sometimes neighbors just suck. Side note: it has also taught me I can cook for more than a dozen people at the drop of a hat!

O – O is for Optimism

This is a foreign territory for me. I am unfortunately a pessimist. Not only is my glass half empty, I will probably spill it before I get where I’m going.

P – P is for Patience 

Again, not my strong suit. I am forever praying for patience (I hear it is a virtue) but as with all things concerning our Dear Lord in Heaven, supreme being and master of irony and humor, it is not given but gained. Apparently when you pray for patience you are given ample opportunities to learn instead of just getting your way and being able to deal. So deal.

Q – Q is for Quiet

Quiet is something I am constantly on the search for. I love a comfortable silence and crave it just like Lay’s potato chips or chocolate. This is why for the past 13 years I have practiced yoga. I yearn for the discipline to quiet my mind. Ironically, quiet is something I scream for. I have a tad bit of tinnitus so even when it is most quiet, I do not hear silence. I am learning the hard way they are not one in the same.

R – R is for Reality T.V.

Is it just me or will they just make a show out of anything?!?! I have banned it from my life (mostly). My hubby… not so much.

S – is for Stay-At-Home-Mom

For the Stay-at-home-Mom portion of this post I would like to refer to this little gem in which I rant about stay at home moms. I do still consider, with much guilt, myself to be one. I realize both of my kids are in school but that leaves summer, right?! Right??? ok. Whatever. I do work out of the house some evenings but mainly, embarrassingly hold on to my previous full time title. I don’t pay for childcare so it still counts, right?

T – T is for Travel

I LOVE to travel. Who doesn’t? You would be surprised. A lot of people hate it. I, on the other hand, need it. I don’t care if it is by car, plane, boat, train or bus. Well… lets be clear, I would rather spend an eternity in a car jammed to the ceiling with kid crap and pillows than fly two hours even with plenty of leg room but I realize some evil is necessary. I have never in my life traveled by train but am eagerly wanting to. I don’t really care why but travel is something I feel drawn to do. I would love to see the world but a day trip three hours away suits me just fine too. Fancy cruise or camping trip. Does not matter. Must go. Now.    

I have a ton of crap to do and it is summer so maybe I will cheap out and do another group post. Who signs up for a giant daily commitment with kids under foot anyway? This dummy. Deal. (and I’m sorry)

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