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Thursday, June 6, 2013

D is for Donuts

Out of all the things that start with D, I go for donuts. They could be considered my #1 guilty pleasure. I make them at home, buy them from the grocery store, but love to frequent little Mom and Pop donut shops. There are plenty of posers around town here. Places that appear to be a good idea on the outside but when in you realize the place is run by teens and the goodies are sub par. I have a few favorites and I pick them on diner standards. Longevity, food quality, and word of mouth. I’m not looking for a 4 star breakfast, just a damn good donut. Here’s my top two, to me the rest are a waste.


There’s this fancy (ahem) place in St. Charles that starts throwing the flour and sugar around at the break of dawn. They are busy because their treats are delish. If you don’t get there before 10am then all you get is rudeness and a ring side seat to watch half a dozen old guys pound coffee, no more donuts. My favorite are the plain ones here. Slightly glazed buttermilk. Yum!


Mario's Donuts and Cafe

Mario’s is my favorite! They are a donut shop and Mediterranean cafe. Weird combo, I know. This Greek guy, oddly named Mario, is the mastermind behind this gem. They have two locations here in town. There is nothing on the menu that is not good. They have a plate size apple fritter that my hubby is addicted to. Good thing it is big enough to share… with a village.

Commercially I will throw a little high five at the Entenmanns Rich Chocolate Donut. It is a super expensive treat that I only buy when really on sale. They are just chocolate covered donuts but the chocolate coating isn’t waxy like the tiny ones of another brand. To me, That is very important.

It is truly an wonder I don’t weigh 500lbs! Sheesh!

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