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Monday, July 1, 2013

U, V, W, X, Y, Z. Finishing Up With Mini Posts.

This is me cheating on a challenge. I knew this time of year was too crazy to begin an every day for 26 days project. My apologies. For sucking.

U – U is for Unconditional love.

I take the word unconditional very seriously. Without limits. I think there are only two people on this entire planet that I could ever love unconditionally and I gave birth to both of them. Don’t get me wrong, I love my dear husband with all my heart but if he were to become some wife beating, meth addicted, puppy killing, child rapist, I fear my love for him would wane. It will never happen, but those are my conditions. My kids on the other hand could be (but never will!) crazy ass, car-bombing, ax murdering, psycho killers and I would still love them. I don’t always have to like them. Love them? I just always will.

V - V is for Violence

I apologize for the previous paragraph and any damaging imagery it has caused you. The thought of any violence is sickening. I actually get queasy thinking about it. I don’t watch MMA, hate the idea that other places in this world actual still consider torture as valid punishment, and am truly disgusted by anyone who finds pleasure or necessity in hurting another.

W – W is for Widespread Panic

I was always a fan of this band but since marrying my hubs have pushed it to real close to the top of my list of favorites. We really enjoy seeing them together. We really enjoy traveling to see them, together. Enjoy my two favorites:

“Climb to Safety” is my favorite that they do. It was written by the wonderful Jerry Joseph (and the Jackmorons) but Widespread later threw it on an album and played the sh*t out of it. There is a kick ass version on YouTube with both Jerry Joseph and John Bell you might want to check out HERE. You are welcome.


X – X is for Xanex

Ha! Is this stuff like Valium was in the 50’s or what?! It is the “here shut up and do your lady duty” drug of the 21st century. I have a headache/tension/hang nail/bad mood/stress/trouble sleeping/dying pop career so I think I’ll take a Xanex. No judging but I once sewed an entire kitchen-dining room full of curtains and was paid in these pills! Heeey noooow… that was like an entire lifetime ago. But seriously. Then we took them for fun. No, seriously. When my buddy was sick and having treatments regularly requiring general anesthetic it was a lot for this mommy to handle. I actually blacked out in a waiting room waiting for him once. I run to my Dr. who solves everything with an Rx and told her what had happened. I am pretty anti-drug these days so I did not want her to load me up on a ton of prescriptions for depression or anxiety. I didn’t want to be a robot, I still had two small children depending on me every minute. I asked her if there was anything to help me get my sh*t together. Like a rescue inhaler for my anxiety attacks? She said she thought Xanex would do the trick. Huh. I bet. I tried it in a non recreational setting and it is just not any fun when it is not for fun. Needless to say, I’m crazy as ever and totally unmedicated. tee hee 

Y – Y is for Yellowbook

Also known as the Yellow Pages. A giant planet killing, unreliable, and horribly edited waste of energy. Why does this damn thing still exist? Does anyone ever use it? It is 2013!!! Call directory. I have called three times to have this piece of crap’s delivery stopped. Maybe someday I will get my way.

Z – Z is for Zero

I have Zero interest in ever doing another blog challenge. Ever. Like ZERO chances of that happening.

Thanks for reading.

Much love.