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Friday, January 27, 2012

Bad Hair Day

Who am I kidding?! Anyone who knows me also knows I have notoriously bad hair. Then there are the rest of you who are now fully informed.

Every once in a while my tree-hugger ADD sets in and I come up with some random ridiculous solution to a minimally important problem. Wow, this is a lot like therapy. Some of these “solutions” really stick (joining a co-op and using reusable grocery bags) and some are just a fleeting moment of stoopid. This time I was dead set on giving up shampoo. Now, wait just a dang minute! Keep your snarky remarks on hold for a sec, I did not say I was not washing my hair.

I got the idea when I came across this lovely lady and her wonderful blog. I was actually looking for a recipe for making my own deodorant after reading yet another article about antiperspirant and it’s links to breast cancer. Then I started researching making my own essential oils, spring planting, alternative cleaning solutions, homemade bath products, and sheesh are ya still with me?! In a nutshell: homemade deodorant=no shampoo?

Anyhoo… The adorable and utterly convincing Kendra (same as above link) had me believing that her hair (BTW looks great poo-free) and mine are even remotely the same. Which they are not. I have very fine, very thin, frizzy hair. Sounds like a dream right?! In my quest for healthier living I had talked myself into trying this no-poo lifestyle, hoping for the best. Everything I have read on the idea says that over shampooing leads to damage because the hair follicle is not allowed to make the right amount of natural oils necessary to protect it. By giving up the chemical process of shampooing, therefore stripping the oils, your hair will adjust its oil production. So all you have to do is remove the dirt without stripping the oils. Sounds great. Lets go!

I was warned it does get bad before it gets better. Call this the adjustment period. I was warned that there would probably be a “ponytail/hat” transition time. How is that any different from my regular style? Ok. So I made a solution of baking soda and water and used it to cleanse the dirt from my locks. A couple washes in it was not going so bad. My adoring husband even made a comment about how my hair looked fuller and “kinda nice”. So I thought hey, it only gets better from here, right? Wrong. I am two weeks in and about twenty seconds away from dreadlocks! Grrr…

I quit. I am giving up as soon as I finish this post. I will be taking my horrible doo to the shower and applying liberal amounts of poo. I tried and it is obvious I do not have the type of hair that can save the planet. Without embarrassment anyway.

I am sure I will be off on another organic task in no time and am trying not to beat myself up about it too much. Notice there are no pictures to go with this post?! Why beat a dead horse?

Friday, January 20, 2012

Crappy Joe

I have just recently finished writing a wonderful post about wrapping up the holiday season and it included wonderful sentiments about a Happy New Year to all, and then my ADD kicked in and I got all sidetracked and aggravated. So instead of the original happy-happy post about lovely things… you get a rant. Surprised? Didn’t think so.

For the first time in like an eternity I had a couple hours to myself. I quit my big-girl-job because it made me feel like my world was falling in around me only in a really slow and painful way. I am taking this time to get my house into “home” status and continue to be a stay-at-home mommy for my baby since this fall he will be off to school. He has had whatever stomach bug that was going around and with the snow day and the holiday and a sick kiddo I have not quite gotten back in to the regular routine I have been longing for. Well, today he had preschool. Whoo Hoo!!! This equals two and a half hours that I can do whatever needs to be done with no one in my butt to slow me down. How did I use my time today? Selfishly. I went in search of a quiet place to get back into some writing. Some much needed “me” time.

I chose, for lack of decent choices around, a coffee house that I have been to before but don’t really care for. Again, it’s slim pickin’s in these parts. I used to be an avid coffee house frequenter. We used to have more than one to choose from. I have traveled around our fair city in search of the coolest place or the best barista and have been disappointed fewer times than I have eyeballs. Trust me, I have been around the coffee house scene. I enjoy visiting coffee shops in other cities, I like to catch some live acoustic music and a great latte, I like an early pick me up espresso or a late desert and decaf. I know what I like and like someplace cool with decent joe. Now, don’t get me wrong, the place I picked today looks cool. There is a little couch area near the fireplace, plenty of tables, nice impressive counter with all the appropriate goodies but I should have known walking in that I would have been better off taking my chances with the yuppies at Starbucks.

First off, upon walking in, it smelled like kitchen grease. Not coffee. Hmmm… it was 9:15 so maybe they do a big early breakfast. Proceed to counter. Greeted with frown. Huh? The elderly woman behind the counter did not offer even a “hello” she just stared. I said good morning and smiled and ordered (politely) a bagel with cream cheese. She responded with “plain, wheat, or everything?”. I asked for a plain, still using my manners and a cup of coffee, please. $4. Ok. I noticed the tip jar on the counter and put the $1 change from my five in it.

Maybe I’m jaded having been in the restaurant business for like an entire eon, but I still work very hard for my tips. Today I learned that I also work very hard for someone else’s tips. A certain someone who can not even afford a smile for her customer. She handed me an empty mug “coffee’s over there” point, and a cold bagel “toaster’s over there, too” and then she turned away. Eh?! As I am pouring my own coffee I notice the handwritten sign that said “REFILLS $.80 SEE COUNTER”. Um… riiight. I have seen the "one refill please sign”, I have played the token for a refill game, I have been swapped for paper cups the second go around, but this?! Sheesh. My dollar ninety five cup o’ sludge didn’t come with so much as a top off. If the coffee is good I’ll drink it with nothing but a half packet of sugar. I like coffee. Today’s diesel required three(!) all which was figured out while my bagel was toasted by me. I sat on one of the little couches and had breakfast. I noticed that Suzy Sunshine never left her station of frown behind the register. When it was time for me to leave I grabbed plate and cup and since I had not seen any evidence of service, strolled to the counter. She points “there are tubs over there for that” and sure enough there were bus tubs at the end of the make your own breakfast bar.

So could I have taken my tip back? I earned it. Did I not make my own breakfast and clean up after myself?! I have never seen such a rude display. This utter lack of personality or totally pretentious coffee snob will not be seeing me again. I have no idea how this joint makes the rent. I would assume by the decor that this place would be jammed full if it had decent people working there, oh and good coffee. The only thing my cup had going for it was that it was too hot to drink.

SO there. I wrote something. Grrr….