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Thursday, June 6, 2013

C is for Chow Chow

C!!! I FORGOT C!!!

Anyone who is surprised by my lack of understanding when it comes to the sequence of the English alphabet please see the “A” post. That should clear things up.

I forgot C. Shit.

We are a Chow Chow family. We really do love the breed. Generally there are two type of people: those that love a Chow and those that have been mauled by one. Let me begin by saying that this breed is not for everyone but hey, you would never see me owning a Greyhound or a Dachshund either.

Chows, in my experience, are dangerously loyal, loving, and smart. They cuddle and play and take pack order very seriously. They need discipline with behavior but when it comes to hygiene they are pretty particular and clean. The attitude that comes off my dog is comparable to a cat sometimes. She will be totally cool to snuggle or play but when she’s done with you she’s all Miss Independent. I love that bitch!

The truth is I was very apprehensive to get the Chow we have now. We had our Lucille who was a cinnamon Chow for 11 years when we had to do the most humane thing possible and say goodbye. I didn’t know if I even liked her when we met but very shortly I was smitten and she loved me right back. My then boyfriend/now husband would even blame me for “ruining'” her. I took his tough girl and made her my baby. The thought of getting another of the same breed made me sad and a little nervous. I suggested adopting, maybe something bigger, something that wouldn’t remind me of Lou so much. I also thought with such a bully breed rap these guys get what if we had the one good one? What if it was a fluke. We were ready for a new dog but I was so unsure. My husband insisted we have another Chow.

We had a wonderful opportunity to go to Ohio and pick up our new baby. I was a little standoffish having not got my way. But in the 7ish hours it took us to get home I was in love. That sweet tiny fur ball slept in my lap the whole way. I would like to think it was a very necessary bonding time. Dear hubbs thought we were picking out his next dog but little did we know, she was already mine.

She was so black (how black was she?) just kidding. Not going there. She did have an all black body, black eyes, back tongue, black. I could not for the life of me get a picture. So I called the best baby photographer and told her I needed baby pics at once.  


Together now… awww…

I will skip ahead so you don’t have to hear my mommy ranting about how I have the best dog in the whole wide world while simultaneously patting myself on the back because the dog really does reflect the owner. I will not tell you that everyone (well there was that one guy) who comes in contact with her also falls in love. She is good with babies, the groomer swoons, she is even pretty good with other dogs. She is sweet and cuddly… ok! I’ll stop.

Photo montage of my Pepper (that is what you get when you have a black dog and let your small children have final say on the name).

DSC01499 DSC01491

DSC01941 DSC01953

 DSC01957 DSC02109


Obviously this dog is super vicious.


I joke about this being like her senior picture.

She is 3 now. Besides needing a bath in this photo, isn’t she gorgeous?

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