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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What’s in a name?


I have been asked. Can’t think of a better place to answer.

What is Mommybreath? Where did you come up with that name?

Well… It was originally said by one of my boys like this: “Ew. You have Mommybreath”. I assume that is a lot like dragon breath or coffee breath. Ick. I will admit, it was probably stinky morning breath. Nothing cute like puppy breath or baby’s breath. I come from a long line of mommies who’s breath smells like tea. Iced. Real sugar.

To me a mommybreath is the long inhale and long controlled exhale I practice in traffic when the two maniac beasts in the back seat are having a slap fight. It is the slow rhythmic monotony that occurs right before a sleep that isn’t allowed yet, sitting up nursing, holding a sleeping boy, or fulfilling my mundane duties as a mom like filling out birthday party invitations or sewing Halloween costumes. It is the many sighs I exude throughout the day either in frustration or sheer exhaustion. It is a huff of disagreement when an argument really isn’t necessary. It is the only sound for the full hour I am alone to do yoga and in that hour sometimes this mommybreath sometimes sounds like “ohm”. It is the panting in short bursts when the pain is about to win and the heavy exhale followed by heaves of joy when the pain is gone for good and he is finally in your arms. It sometimes sounds like air escaping from a tire. Sometimes it is startled and sucks in sharp.

My mommybreath comes with asthma, frequently gives a sarcastic “huh”, and up until a few months ago smelled like cigarettes. Mine changes. Frequently. It has been stopped by the horror of bad news, held for the arrival of any news, and exploded out in sobs of happiness when the good news arrives. My mommybreath is a long slow inhale with my nose burried in one of my little guys’ hair…

What is your mommybreath?


  1. That is a perfect explanation. I dig it!!

  2. Awww, this was a really nice way of describing bad breath!....I kid! This was really nice, I enjoyed every word.

  3. Wow! This post was beautiful (in a talking about breath sort of way). Really.

    Good stuff here!

    BTW you really don't want to know the answer to that last question. Ick.

  4. That was really beautiful. I'm glad I happened to stop by today and read that. (I had also wondered about the Mommybreath thing when you've commented in the past.) I LOVED that explanation.

    Also, I did ask the girl who does a new dress a day, but she never responded. Bummer.

  5. Dearest Mommybreath, you should have your thoughts published so all can share your wisdoms. You have always had a way with words.