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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cool Beans

After what I would consider a pretty f*cking crappy day in the land of stay-at-home-mom, I sit here and think only a happy craft post will do.

It took me forever to jump into the land of Pintrest. I have like a dozen followers and can’t figure out why. I haven’t pinned anything! I happened upon this craftastic project through a friend. She had mentioned she wanted to try it. I thought “hell no” until I find myself with loads of craft energy and a tiny budget. Beans are cheap people! I decided to give it a whirl but mine turned out all brown and blue. Hers would have been way better in her butter yellow and sunny orange with a giant M and maybe a daisy or sunflower kind of way. But her birthday is coming up… shhh.

Here it is: the lima bean wreath. Quit. It ended up kinda cute.

I started with a foam wreath form. The one I bought was cheap and sorta square so I shaved off the sharp corners. There is no pic for this. Really, no one wants to see the Styrofoam snow mess that happened. Buy the rounded one. Trust me.

Then me and my trusty hot glue gun spent hours together.


Gluing the beans on…

DSC02874 (photo taken by five year old. pardon the blur)

This is no task for anyone with ADD or control issues.


Then I took that b*tch out to the garage and painted her blue.

A beautiful robin’s egg blue to which my ever supportive hubby said “really? really?!”.

I found this super simple letter at my local crap store and attacked it with some scrapbook paper and Modge Podge.

DSC02873 (the light in my dining room sucks!)

Now it is wearing chocolate brown with light blue squiggles. Ahhh, much better. Not perfect, but better.

A little brown and blue scrap ribbon I had left over from somethin’ else and it is hung.


I really needed a spring wreath. This will do.