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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer…so far.

I have been in such a funk lately that I can not, under any circumstance, find anything to write about. This saddens me. I do, however, have a few gazillion (crappy) photos that will help remind me of all the really cool shit going on around here lately. This girl sure could use a reminder now and again just how good she’s got it.

Shall we take a photo tour?

Happiness is:

DSC02901A parade with my four favorite tinys on the planet.


DSC02923Did someone say double chocolate?! Themz ma skillz.



Eight billion bubbles.



A little crafty crap to keep me busy. (Preschool teacher gifts)


DSC03016Old friends.


DSC03061 New ones.






…and my beasts.

For the sake of privacy I excluded the seven dozen pictures of my parents, grandparents, and siblings. I love you all very much, too, but how long could you possibly stand this boring post?

Here’s hoping the rest of this summer is a good as the beginning.