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Thursday, June 13, 2013

K is for Kansas City

I love KC! The hubbs and I try and get there as often as we can to hit our favorite concert venue. It is a cheap one tank trip. Usually about three and a half to four hours drive.

Every once in while my sister and I like to plan something for our boys to do together. This year for spring break we hit the road to Kansas City. This lovely city I speak of not only has the second most fountains of any city in the world (Rome is #1) but every other hotel has a waterpark if you are out in the burbs. Home to the Great Wolf Lodge *swoon* and about 7 other indoor/outdoor waterparks.

We decided to stay at one of the cheaper spots because we had big plans for the next day (That will be my ‘L’ post!). The kids had a blast and I can’t count how many times we all did the giant slide, sister included. We stayed up until like 11:00 and gorged on pizza after our pool play.

It was freakin’ awesome! Check it out:









We were unsure of what my nephew’s reaction would be. This is his first time down and he does not look pleased but he bounced off and ran up for more! Champ.

I know this is not the best pic but did you see in the previous pic how the tubes go out of the building? Well, this is the outside!


Cousins. Sissy, I think we are in trouble.

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