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Saturday, June 15, 2013

L is for Lego Land!

In nearby Kansas City we have a Lego Land Discovery Center. It is not big and fancy like the amusement park Lego Land but it was sure to be a day filled with Legos so we were very excited. I may not be able to put into words the obsession my kids have with the dang things, how much I love them too, how cool it was to be surrounded by them all day, or how amazing the Lego Engineers truly are so I will take a stab with loads of crappy photography.


2/3 pumped. 1/3 weirdo.


My little dude immediately decided this is the career path he would like to pursue. I can’t say I blame him. This guy was really cool to watch.


 DSC03823 DSC03824 DSC03836DSC03826

This was my favorite part. The mini city. Incredible! Like a tiny KC with stadiums full of Chief’s fans and all. It would change from day to night about every 10 minutes too. That rocked!

DSC03828 DSC03829  DSC03833 DSC03832

I can not even try to describe this. Holy Wizard of Oz accurate! Sheesh!




Giant ball pit/jungle gym type thingy, only filled with huge foam Legos.


Wishing we had more girls to play with…


I made a castle fit for a Lego Princess.


My sister made a funny.


 DSC03855 DSC03857

We even took a class taught by a Lego Master (which I think I am). We made hammer head sharks. It was cool.



Is this not a little boys dream?!

There were no fewer than 30 more pictures but they all suck the same as these so I’ll spare you. What else was there? A Lego Racers drag strip where you make your own car to race. A 4-D movie theater. We saw every movie they had. A Tower of Power tremble station where you build and earthquakes destroy you. Two nerdy little rides. Two clean bathrooms. A cafe. And last but not least a gift shop. Duh. I think I spent more there than it cost us to get in to the dang place!

A perfect mini vacation in early spring when it was still too cold out to do much of anything.

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