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Monday, June 10, 2013

H is for Hash tag

Hash tag. Ugh.

I don’t tweet. I have never been into or onto Twitter. I think that blogging and Facebook are narcissistic enough for me and I don’t need another way to shout out to the world what cereal I had this morning.

Back in my day (tee hee) that symbol was called a number sign. On the telephone it is the pound key.

So how do I know about this hash tag if I do not ever use Twitter? Because whether being funny, or just addicted to fad crap it is all over Facebook! I am not sure of the purpose of hash tagging stuff on Facebook. Could it be that the two are linked? If you hash tag something on Facebook does that mean I can go to Twitter and find it under those selected phrases?

I am so confused and as with all things I don’t completely understand, I hate it.

It is annoying. Please stop.

Much love.

#momispissed   #thingsiwillneverunderstand  #everybodylookatme 

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  1. What cereal did you have for breakfast?