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Thursday, July 29, 2010

This just makes me smile.

I never get tired of talking about my weirdo kids. If they were normal in any way I would have died of boredom long ago. This time it the older of the two that has me giggling.

He’s 5 (and a half-don’t forget the half, very important) and he sings. All the time. I have recently put two and two together and realized his favorite places to sing are in bathrooms and he doesn’t give a crap who might be listening.

I am sure when most people think of a five year old singing they think of kid songs. Well I am not listening to all kid all the time, or any of the time, while I am driving my car so my kids listen to what I listen to and I listen to a bit of everything, some total crap, some classics, and some pretty strange. A good healthy variety. So there. By the time he was three he knew every word to the Indigo Girls’ “Joking”, his current favorite bands are Black Eyed Peas, Kings of Leon, and 30 Seconds to Mars (cuz really who doesn’t like that Leto kid). The cool thing about my kiddo is that if it is sung he will remember it forever.

We celebrated Easter at my dear husband’s aunt and uncle’s house. Their house is a nice big two story jobbie with a half bath in the center of the main level. It just so happens when you are sitting at the kitchen table you can hear the toilet flush, if you’re listening. My little buddy goes in to use the potty and some of us girls were sitting around the table snacking and talking. You hear the lid slam down on the toilet (even though I have stressed that you should not do that), a flush, the water comes on for hand washing and here comes the song. At the top of his lungs he is singing and my hubby’s aunt looks at me with a grin and says “Is that Frampton?”. Yup. *sigh* He is loudly giving us his best “Feel Like I Do” by Peter Frampton. *head in hands* Everyone looses it. We are all silently laughing, as not to disturb the soloist.

This, my friends is only one of many. Here’s the one from today that got me thinking about putting this down in writing.

We drove out to our Children’s Hospital to pick up my son’s meds and there is a set of bathrooms right near the pharmacy. See a bathroom? Gotta go. That’s just how my kids roll. So my big guy heads into the men’s room to take care of business. (ask me to tell you the story of me using this same men’s room!*slaps head with palm*) He is in there all of three seconds before I (along with everyone in line for their prescriptions) hear him belting out “We were the kings and queens of promise!!! Aaaahh ahhh ohhh”. Some younger woman in line whispers to her friend “is that 30 Seconds to Mars?” Without even looking up I reply “it is”. He doesn’t just like to recite lyrics, he likes to sing. So the songs with the longer notes he likes to belt out and really stretch out a phrase. If you are not familiar with this song look it up so you can laugh with me. He had half the song sung before he came out smiling. I can’t really blame him though, I like to sing in the shower for the acoustics.

He was three when he pulled the “baggy sweat pants and the Reeboks with the straps…” in isle 3 of the grocery store. Much to my horror he got to the booty slap just as an elderly woman was choosing her favorite salad dressing. I just sent an apologetic grimace her way and promptly exited the isle.

During parent/teacher conference this year his preschool teacher tells me he is very bright, has wonderful manners, and he sings Lady Gaga at circle time. Buhhhh! The same week he was rockin’ out to some Linkin’ Park in the babysitter room at the gym. Before you stroke out, I am a responsible mom and my kids get the edited radio versions.

Michael Buble, Jack Johnson, Taylor Swift, Widespread Panic, you name it this kid has probably sung it at the top of his lungs in public. He often goes running down the street “Like an antelope outa control”(sing it with me… “run run run run run”). I love it. I embrace it. It is wonderful. Still, I find myself a teeny bit embarrassed at times.

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