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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow day!!!

I promise not to whine.

I do, however, fully understand why my own mother (who has never complained about being a mom) always had a small sigh of resignation at the thought of all of us home all day, cooped up and crazy.

I love the snow. I love the winter. I also love Bailey’s and coffee but there is a time and a place for everything. My point is that I need a little break before we get another break. With the kids on cycles at school they got a really long break for Christmas. I only get two hours to myself twice a week as it is and the past month I haven’t. This is doubly compounded by the fact that my hubbs is now pulling the evening shifts. This is short lived I hope.

I am not ungrateful, I do love spending more time with my dear husband. I love my kids. I actually miss them when they are gone but i think I really need the time to miss them once in a while. That being said, let us entertain the troops!

We (well anything with a penis) laid around all morning (I did 4 loads of laundry) and then it was time to play.


I am a really crappy blogger because instead of endanger the life of my camera, I chose to play with my kids. Now picture Miss Piggy on a dinner plate going 40mph straight down a hill. There. That is the best picture I can give you. After treading on every inch of untouched snow in our yard we chose hot chocolate (I know it’s too early but I still vote Bailey’s) over frostbite and decided to call it a day.

A mother’s work is never done. I even cleaned off my car as a part of “playtime”. Now while the rug rats complain that their snack is not filling their bellies like a four course meal (dinner is in the oven!) and loaf around rotting their brains with kid TV, I will be taking care of the aftermath of play. 


I will name thee Load 5!

In reality I long to be here:


My favorite flannel sheets, on my fresh made bed, with my Bailey’s and a chick flick. Mmmm…

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  1. Oh God, Em. Can I come snuggle in with you? I'd kill for that agenda.