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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mothers of boys…

I know I have mentioned my dear Granny before. She has a great sense of humor and always shares.

I asked God for a whole house of boys. I have two. Full enough, we can stop!

My Granny got me this craftacky plaque a few years ago as a birthday gift. It hangs in my kitchen.


Tacky? Yes. True? Absolutely.

While the same can be said for having children of either sex, girls just don’t get the same play on words as boys here. Anyone who has tried to harness the madness that ensues from the Y chromosome will see the humor.

Granny never gets tired of the silliness though. This is a gift that hangs on my fridge:


Cute, huh? (sheesh)

The reason for this lame post was that I ran across a cool quote, about boys (thank you step-sister-in-law) on Facebook *eyeroll* of all things, and had to play with it:



Download HERE

I hope you will have fun with this one. I think I will head over to my girlfriend’s and abuse her Cricut machine to make this beauty into a vinyl. I will display it proudly over the toilet bowl that is only a mere suggestion of where to pee.


Lord have mercy!


Oh, and Happy Hump Day.


  1. My experience with boys is not quite the same BUT (and this is a serious but) Spencer was sickly and still doesn't feel good most of the time so I think he's been made unnaturally laid back. Hayden is only nine months so his energy is still ramping up. I think the most poignant reason my experience differs is because my boys pale in comparison to the ridiculous drama of the girls in every way. Boy-energy or girl-drama. One is exhausting and the other is maddening. Now, I've never had two boys close in age ... that's a whole new dimension unknown to me. Hmmm. Something for me to consider.

  2. Kenzie,
    Stop while you are ahead! LOL