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Friday, January 14, 2011

In honor of:

I would like to say first off: thank you God I did not get a hysterectomy this week like miss thang and her boobies! Now for my list…

  • Fawk you stupid people who can’t see two inches from your face (figuratively).
  • Fawk you to the crazy house market that makes my decisions sooo hard.
  • Fawk you to the jerks that think it is a good idea that my dear hubbs work nights this week (Oh how I miss your sweet ass baby!).
  • Fawk you to the 4 or 5 (ok, 17) cigarettes that have stopped my 7 month no smoking streak. And the stress you rode in on!
  • Fawk you to this crazy epiphany that astrologists had that make a tattoo I got with my sister for her birthday null and void. I will always be born under the sign Gemini. So there.   
  • Fawk you Mirena that decided that after a year I needed to experience the full wrath of my menstrual cycle!
  • And fawk you very much for this shitty hand. Lately.  



Ahhh… thanks.


  1. ah, don't worry. i read that the astrology sign change only applies to those born after like 2009 or something.
    we're safe. i'm a Gemini, too!

  2. << read that it hasnt changed so you and your sis are good !!

  3. AWWW! Thanks for the lovin!

    Don't beat yourself up...just jump back on the smoke free bandwagon...My hubby quit a couple weeks ago and it's been--errr, unpleasant?

    The astrological shiz has me bent out of shape..I'm a Scorpio and I'll accept no different!