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Friday, October 1, 2010

I forgot…

With Pandora set to estrogen with a side of Van, I am fully immersed in sew mode. I totally forgot to mention that I started my very own Etsy store! Ta Da!

My dear sweet husband is always telling me with whatever it is that I am crafting at the time that I should sell them, whatever “they” happen to be in that moment of my project ADD. It, to me, is the best compliment a man who is not at all interested in decorating, gifting, design, or wear-ables could offer. Or maybe he is just trying to recoup some of the cost all my “supplies” have incurred. Oops.

So… there is really not much on the site right now because I have a lot more pictures to take. Bear with me. In the meantime check it out:

Now go have an awesome weekend, will ya?!


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  2. Oh I really like the coin purses!!!!!!
    Good work:)
    Happy day to you...hope your weekend is going super!