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Monday, November 19, 2012

Epic Experience Pt. 4

What happens in the span of a day feels like several days. Must be some sort of mid-sea time warp. We did experience a time zone and some daylight savings, maybe that’s it.

Day 2!

We got up early and went to the Nickelodeon character breakfast.


DSC03465 DSC03463

We got great seats and got to see all of our favorite cartoon dudes:

DSC03478 DSC03477

DSC03480 DSC03479

After breakfast we did nothing. For like five hours. Well, not nothing. The boys swam and played and the hubbs and I worked on our tans horrid tan lines. This is the view from where we laid in the sun:


My main squeeze and I took turns playing, napping, and eating with our children. The entire day was effortless and full of free cookies.

DSC03484 DSC03483 

We eventually pried our bodies out of their chairs and cleaned up for dinner. After we ate we were able to catch the sunset. Gorgeous. 


Then we off to enjoy one hour complimentary arcade time. Party on!

DSC03493 DSC03491 

What was that? Yes, of course I was there! I am super good at killing imaginary bad guys and I can drive a pretend car like a bat outta hell, but that all requires me to put down my camera. Sheesh.

Day 2 was a success (no one was hurt) and we were beat and ready for bed early.

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