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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Epic Experience Pt. 2

Lord only knows how many parts this will take!

We planned as much as we were allowed. Making arrangements for the dog and house, calling the school, requesting time off work. When talking about our upcoming trip I heard a lot of “ooohh, I’m so jealous”. I can see in the foreground where this would seem like winning the lottery. Let me tell you, in broad spectrum, it is not. Yes, we were offered a fantastic vacation but before you consider us “lucky” think what had to happen in order to qualify. Ask anyone with a loved one who has any sort of medical issues, especially a child, and I mean anything from chronic ear infections to debilitating issues like heart disease, MD, autism, diabetes, this list could go on for years… anyway, ask them how lucky we are and they will tell you how blessed we are to still have our baby but not lucky at all. They will also probably tell you the same thing I will and that is I would trade it all for him never to have been sick in the first damn place. That being said lets celebrate life!

All arrangements made and our little guy’s journey began at 4:15 in the dang morning!


We were picked up in a freakin’ limo! The boys went wild. It really made waking up at 3am sting a little less just watching their reaction. Funny side note: our limo driver is currently building a house in our neighborhood. Howdy neighbor!

DSC03366 Those little freaks touched EVERYTHING in that car. Sorry neighbor. 

Our flight took off around 6:30 so there was plenty of time for check in, which went super smooth. I was surprised. This was our first flight with the kids. Actually, there were a ton of firsts on this trip. I don’t prefer to fly so this was all new.


A little Starbucks, a little waiting and we are outta here! 





Hello Miami!

Two airports and a bus transfer to the port of call and look who is still all smiles. I won’t show you the other kid. We had a hurry up and wait kind of day. This makes for two whiney kids, one grumpy dad, and an over anxious mom who is camera happy.


After an eternity we got all checked in, our group was called and we were bound for the sea! First thing is first… potty break and immediate game of air hockey.DSC03375

The staterooms wouldn’t be ready for a couple hours so we ditched our bags in temporary storage and went to explore our home for the next week. We were aboard the Norwegian Epic, the largest in their fleet, and we were headed out for two days at sea before reaching St. Maarten (not sure why, I prefer the Dutch spelling), then to St. Thomas U.S.V.I., then one more day at sea and finally Nassau, Bahamas. Shall we take a look at the ship?


Tiny. Smaller than tiny. Thank goodness they gave us two. Honestly though the bed was dreamy and that is the only time we were even in our rooms.  

DSC03384 DSC03378 DSC03383

Those were all the little guys cared about.

Who am I kidding? Us big kids flung our bodies down those suckers a few dozen times too.


Has he been smiling so long it hurts? It looks like it hurts. Maybe its just sunny?


Spongebob dance party then…


  Adios Miami!!!

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