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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Wisdom in a cookie

We are Chinese buffet junkies. Embarrassing to admit. Just a little.

All American style Chinese cuisine, as you know, comes with a little yummy treat . In our little bite of cardboard like dessert comes a little scrap of paper. The fortune. Lately I have noticed they are a lot less of a fortune and just dribble. Maybe somethings don’t translate well. How is “you are charismatic and love broccoli” a fortune? Sounds pretty much like a statement not an insight into your destiny.

There are the few occasions that I really get a fortune. When these little bits of the universe land in my hands I almost always know it is special. I can read sixty two different fortunes, huff, throw them down with a couple bucks and walk out to enjoy my indigestion in the company of English speaking folks. When the real ones reach me I am impacted. I get goose bumps. It is more like a déjà vu feeling. Weird but not unwelcome. I am superstitious to a point and nostalgic so I keep the real ones in my wallet as a reminder.

Here, let me share a few:

  • When life seemed really tough, with two small babies (one very sick the other still nursing), I was feeling sorry for myself. I was surrounded by people and so lonely. I was drowning in worry. I only functioned to keep things as normal as possible for the two dudes that my world revolves around. My fortune was DSC03185
  • I don’t know what prompted me to do it, right in the middle of all the chaos of life back then, but I decided to finish a degree. I had looked into the opportunities and knew I couldn’t attend traditional school with my responsibilities as they were and decided to look into online programs. My husband and I had a brief conversation about it over Chinese one night and I got simply DSC03186
  • Almost two years later with a tiny survivor heading off to Kindergarten and his little brother in a good routine. I was right on the verge of a diploma and my husband and I felt like we could breathe for the first time in a while. I received DSC03187
  • Then another whirlwind of life swept us up. The past couple years have been full of real high highs and low lows. We had just met with our leasing agent and were celebrating with Chinese buffet. I commented over dinner how I wished things could just level out and be quiet for a bit. Some normalcy would be really nice. I opened thisDSC03188

Holy crap! My camera skillz are off the hook! No judging. I think I may need to get my eyes checked too. Guess I’ll add Optometrist to the list. Sheesh.


Be it silly or not I think someone is trying to tell me something. Did you ever see that movie where the highway billboard talks to Steve Martin?! That’s me, only a much smaller scale and typical of a fat girl, my guidance comes in a cookie.

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