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Friday, August 31, 2012

Spring re-cap… So out of order.

I put this post together a while ago, like when it was spring. For some weird reason I never posted it. Can’t explain.

Right now on the last day of August, coincidentally also a blue moon, I am feeling nostalgic for long sleeve weather. I miss my jeans, man! It does not help that it has been raining buckets all day.

So here…

We are always so busy around here. I’m sorry, did I say busy? I meant lazy, or maybe a perfect combo of the two.

Let me ‘splain. We are always running but don’t really do anything significant. We are moving but have no schedule or organization. I fly by the seat of my pant most days. The days in between I’m usually hanging by my fingernails.

Maybe some pictures would help:













C’mon cooler weather!!!

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