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Monday, April 4, 2011

I live for the little things.

Lately I have been a little off, mood-wise. I have been grumpy or down, depressed or angry. It has been an emotionally tough week. Nothing seems to be going right and when things start looking up it seems some little thing always throws things off again. I am usually a pretty upbeat person, or try to be (if you ask my hubby he will swear I am a die hard pessimist). I try and be a good person and act kindly towards others. It seems lately it is more my law than Murphy’s and my Karma is just a tad shy. I feel like yelling “smite me oh Mighty Smiter!”, name that movie.

So today, pooped out and still in jammies at 11:30, I am trying to turn this frown upside down. So I have to stop and say to myself “self, what is the big friggin’ deal with your crap ass attitude?! Snap out of it!”. I need an adjustment. So I will pull my big girl panties on and reflect on what I love instead of all the yuck. I think we should start with the little things. Things that you don’t really notice day to day but rather when they are gone. These are a few of my faves:

  • The way my little guy mumbles “I love everybody in this family” while snuggling.
  • When my older son, who is too cool for school much less holding Mommy’s hand, laces his fingers in mine.
  • The fact that my dear husband still finds me attractive.
  • Laughing with the man I married.
  • Entenmann’s Rich Frosted Doughnuts
  • The rare occasion when my sissy says “bye” before she hangs up.
  • Hugs from my Mom and Dad.
  • Smiles from strangers.
  • Hearing my little sis’s voice.
  • Napping in a pile with my boys.
  • Spending time with my Grandparents.  
  • Dr. Pepper (which I gave up for Lent).
  • How my dog always knows when my feet are cold and promptly lays across them.
  • Being the first to slide into clean sheets.
  • The smell of raw silk.
  • One hour of yoga.
  • A too-hot-for-your-skin bath and a book (doesn’t matter which one).

Today I challenge you to look at the little things that make your day brighter.

Care to share? I’d love to hear it.


  1. *Laying with the kids watching a movie!

    *Laying in bed at night talking to David about our future.

    *Having that wonderful quiet time after the kids go to bed!

    *Listening to my kids laugh at each other!
    (one of my all time faves)

    *Watching Tristan look at his sibling with that sparkle in his eye as he tries with wrestle with them. (He really believes he is the same size they are)

    *Just being with my family :0)

  2. Listening (via the monitor) to Jimmy talk to the baby in the early morning hours, while I lay in bed for just a few more minutes...

    Nursing Carmine (thanks to you and the other's that inspired me to push through the troubles!)

    Seeing my 9 yr old "puppy" lay in the middle of the yard on a cool day with the sun shining bright.

    Seeing my parents light up when Carmine responds to them on Skype.

    A big glass of ice cold milk.

    I could go on... there really are soooo many ways to 'forget' all of the nice things in everyday life. Thanks for taking the time to share yours, and for inspiring us to think about ours (& share them)!