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Friday, April 15, 2011

A charitable post

I absolutely adore charity work. I don’t mind taking one for the team when someone really needs it. I have donated both hours and dollars to many an organization. We, unfortunately, have also been on the receiving end of a couple such organizations too. If you aren’t sure why read HERE, RIGHT HERE, and OVER HERE for some small glimpses of may little dude’s journey, since I don’t have the balls to write it all down just yet.

So… for obvious reasons I am quite partial to charities pertaining to children. Or cancer. Or hell, children with cancer. Which brings me to my weekend to come. My sis has a wonderful friend who is celebrating her 10th year of being cancer free. She had breast cancer. She is in her late 20’s. Yep. You heard that right, not only is high school bad enough but now you have to survive the year bald and fighting for your life. This chick is amazing and her charity does some good work. This weekend is their second annual Pinkapalooza trivia benefit and the money collected will head off to help out with breast cancer research. Check out her website HERE. The event is crazy fun and put together by her and her hubby and about a bazillion other volunteers. I am one of these fortunate folk.

My sis is a photographer. She is friends and a co-worker of the spearhead of the event so naturally is asked to come document the evening. Then, Lord only knows why, she asks me to help her with the evening. The first year I was handed a camera and told to do my best, all the rest will hit the cutting room floor. Thank goodness for digital. I would have wasted more than my mortgage in film had this been done like “in the old days”.

Long story even longer… last year was such a hit that this year has already exploded, selling out in no time and it promises to be unforgettable. Which is where my sis is once again involved. Except this time she has called in some reinforcements. So, three of us will be wielding cameras, two professionals and this yokel. Sheesh.

Back to the original point of this post. Ya still with me?! Great.

When I say that I will be volunteering at a charity event and it takes preference over all other things that could be going on that night I have been getting the reply “oh, charity” like “why the heck waste time on that when you could be (fill in blank)”. Just so happens that this IS very important and unless you are, or have a loved one very close to you that has been, on the receiving end of such an event, you will never understand. This is how I make my mark. Behind the scenes. The thing to do, it seems, is to do a charity run. Well this momma don’t run. Weeeell unless I’m being chased. By a dog. Or the cops. So this will just have to do. Besides being way fun, it is kind of like a payback (forward? ugh. this could go on foreveaaa). After all this amazing lady showed up to “walk” (mosey) on our team that honors my son and raises money for one of our favorite charities.


I think that if you are the type to roll your eyes when someone says “charity”, or are too busy/lazy to help out when others are in need then you need to remember that everyone has somebody they are trying to save. Mine? I made.


I challenge all of you to do something good for someone else this weekend. I don’t care what it is. Just good.

Much Love!


  1. Great post. I really think you guys do an awesome job! but run from the cops... that hurts.

  2. Oh Andy! You know I would never run from you! Ok, well maybe not far. tee hee