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Saturday, December 11, 2010

A little something crafty

I was at yet another craft sale over the weekend, just a hockin’ my wares and while on a break (good Lord I need a break) I took a walk around to check out the other crafters. Ok, it was to shop. While browsing I realized two things:

1. I cannot stand “vendors”. People who sell Pampered Chef, Party Lite, Miche Bags, or any other thing that should be an online or home party kind of product that have wiggled their way into craft/art shows.

2. I have a serious weakness for well crafted handmade jewelry.

#2 is probably because I appreciate the time and creativity that goes into making these items. Back in the day I played around with silver, enjoyed beadwork, and even mastered the fine art (ha) of hemp weaving. I was totally into it. All of it. Like ring on every finger, three necklaces at a time into it.

As I cruised the show I was reminded that while it is time consuming, it is not really a jewelry art to just string some beads on a stretchy cord and call it a bracelet, even though I do make such items and wear them in stacks on my wrist to coordinate with my mood/clothes for the day. Guilty. I would never dream of asking $8.00 for said bauble though.

In my quest to find beautiful things to buy myself Christmas gifts for my loved ones I stumbled upon a very kind couple who make the most beautiful jewelry. These very nice people were also selling their little pretties at a very reasonable price, so I (of course) felt compelled to strike a conversation and start buying.

I will however give credit where credit is due. Though not all things bought can be shared because some were bought as gifts and Christmas is still some 13 days away, I had to show you these gorgeous pieces I picked up.


These are my new babies. I am really not a photographer so you’ll have to take my word on just how pretty they are. I’ll give you a hint: I don’t wear dangle earrings but I had these ones on before I was 10 ft. away!


Can you believe these?! They spent their past life as buttons. Love them!


Buttons & Baubles is their operation and the lovely Elizabeth Fulk and her sweet hubby(?) are the hardworking inspiration behind my new favorite pair of earrings. Enjoy, but remember I could not purchase the entire booth like I wanted so you will have to deal with just the photos of my choices (the ones I can share… Christmas remember?!).

You can reach Beth at

Thanks again you two!

Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday shopping. Play nice Santa is watching!

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