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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thursday’s Ride

I have done it. I swore it was not possible but I have found one. I have found a fart that isn’t funny. Sadness overwhelms me as this reality sinks in. I thought for sure this would never happen.

It occurred to me today, when the boys and I arrived home, that it is not at all funny when your entire house smells like sick ass because our beloved dog is sick and has fart/ explosive diarrhea combos. I don’t know what is wrong with our baby girl but she has apparently picked up a stomach bug. She literally soiled every square inch of my kitchen while we were off enjoying this gorgeous day. I feel so bad for her as I heave a great sigh and reach for disinfectant. It is exactly like when you have a sick child and they throw up all over their bed. It is a combination gross-out-pain-in-the-ass/sympathetic-need-to-care-for-them. I hope this passes by the morning otherwise the wonderful (love our vet!) Dr. King will be hearing from us.

On the lighter side of life, today my wonderfully trying boys decided to behave so that we could enjoy life out and around town. I met a few of my Mommy’s Group for breakfast. We don’t meet regularly but today I had the time to join up for breakfast. We were celebrating both a birthday and a job opportunity today so the morning was filled with good conversation. I had to drag my boys along since we are on cycle break from school. They were pretty well behaved and I promised a fun day if they didn’t act up and embarrass me.

The deal has been they since they are increasingly getting worse in the behavior department and I seem to have acquired the special power of invisibility that if they act up we do nothing. The weather is perfect this time of year and I notified them that they could either spend cycle break with fun filled activities everyday or waste it at home, in trouble. I will add that this is almost the end of our second week, and they only get three off, and they are just now figuring out I mean business.

Today after breakfast we headed to Turtle Park. For those of you not familiar with St. Louis, it is a small patch of grass right next to the highway with giant concrete and realistically detailed turtles for you to walk around and climb on. The kids love it. Since it is right across from the zoo and we are zoo members we decided to just run in for a quick train ride. When we got there the Zoomagination Zone was empty so we got stuck playing there for a bit. They have the most awesome stuff to see and do. Then we jumped on the train and hopped off once only long enough to enjoy a popsicle (we were thirsty) and check out the new baby giraffe then we were off to finish up our ride and head home.

Today is my Daddy’s birthday so we are headed over there after lunch. I hope we get many more of these fun filled days before it’s back to the grind. I sure do love taking my buddies out when they are not acting like freaks!      

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