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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Swords All Around

This year for Halloween both of my boys have to be something that wields a sword. It was laid out in very plain English for me that they required swords to “be” anything this year. So we started thinking of all the things that carry a sword. I suggested Viking, Pirate, Ninja, Knight in Shining Armor, Samurai, Robin Hood, and this went on forever! Finally my big guy said “a Knight!” and his brother said “a Pirate!”. My little guy wanting to be a pirate is kinda funny considering he wanted to be a pirate last year and changed his mind when we actually went looking for costumes. Then my nephew ended up being the cutest little pirate guy so it is a pretty dang popular character in our family. Besides, who doesn’t want to be a pirate?

In my Pilates class we do a series of movements called The Sword. In this exercise you could be standing, kneeling, on an exercise ball, or whatever because the lower body is not as important in this movement. With your upper body you have both hands at one hip and with a stretch band, weights, or even nothing you extend one arm from that opposite hip up to an extended arm on the same side. Sheesh! That sounds like Twister. Or torture. Think John Travolta Stayin’ Alive with the finger move. OR… Think of unsheathing a sword like before Medieval duel. Ffffsshhinnngg!!! I always wanted to learn fencing, my Dad said it was a useless skill, since he was paying I still know nothing about fencing. I really should thank him since it is a pretty useless skill and sword dueling only happens in my living room these days. I like to sharpen my cooking knives with the steel just for that sound though. It is just plain cool. Ffffsshhhiinnggg!!!

The point to this (if there ever really even was one) is that every time I do this move in my Pilates class, usually full of women, most of them middle aged, I hear my three year old ffsshing shing-ing around my house and it always makes me giggle. Right in the middle of class. Better than farting (remember this?).  

Looks like I will be in sewing machine overload for the next several weeks!

Until then I will leave you with this old pic. It is cute though, and they were having fun. My poor baby. That is not a sword, or a light saber, or a tunic, or a belt. Instead he gets to have the padding from a baby computer thingy that plugged in to the T.V., a t-shirt of mine, and a scarf like thing I wear in my hair. He is only 22 months here so I guess it doesn’t matter as long as he was playing with brother.


Funny things my guys have said lately:

My five year old described the back of his knee as “the armpit part of my leg”.

My three year old exclaims while snuggling “Ack! There’s a hair in my mouth! I don’t even like hair!!!”.

Was this post really random or what?

On a totally different subject…I think I will start posting all the super cool purse ideas I have come up with lately…


  1. I've heard it said that "Purses" make wonderful Christmas gifts! ;)
    (can't ever have enough purses can you?)

  2. Purses do make wonderful Christmas gifts! LOL I have like 20,000 rough drafts. Thats plenty I think! LOL