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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The light is getting closer!

The light at the end of this tunnel, I mean. I should probably mention that this fact is both terrifying and wonderful at the same time.

Yesterday my son had his last LP with chemo. He was diagnosed with ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia) on September 28, 2007. He has been in treatment ever since. For the past three years, every three months (and much more frequently than that in the beginning), he has to go and endure this simple but horrifying procedure. Yesterday was the last one. Goodbye nigh-night medicine, goodbye needles in his back, goodbye poison in his spine.

First I heave a great sigh of relief, the second breath I will hold. It is both fantastic and scary. Bittersweet for me since I am a creature of habit. I will no longer see an entire department of hospital who have taken great care with my son, shared their lives, made us friends. I know their children’s names, their husband’s occupations, and have visited with these wonderful people for hours on end. They were there when I had questions, gave pats of encouragement when I had fear, and did I mention they adore my son and have always taken awesome care of him? I will miss the APC gang because I am happy to report we will not be back.

On a totally related yet completely random note… The wonderful people in the APC did me another favor! The first time time they had to finish off a loose tooth was a couple months ago. This time it was a big one!





  1. wow, Emilie, i had no idea. congratulations, for starters, that he is better. what a huge blessing. i am so sorry your family has been going through this battle. i can't imagine. hugs to you and your beautiful little boy!

  2. Wow Emilie!! That's wonderful! :) xo

  3. Well, you know how I feel! I think we are all so blessed that he has come through this. I'm mostly excited for him to finally get to just be a little boy, a HEALTHY little boy!

  4. You really have no idea how long I have prayed for a little slice of normal for this amazing boy. Guess I'll keep doing just that, might hold my breath for a while too just for safe measure! :)